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Here is a collection of wallpaper that I did not do. Some is contributions by fans (identified by first name only unless I get a specific request to post full names). I will assume anyone who contributes material is willing to share it under the same conditions as my material - the images are freely available for your personal desktops or personal (non-commercial) web-sites.

Other material is wallpaper I found on the net and wanted to share - credit is given if have the information.

On this page, images are jpeg files 800x600 or some other reasonably standard wallpaper size. I'll post contributions as sent in if possible, but will enlarge smaller pictures, and will reduce any outrageously large items; where reasonable I will generally adjust aspect ratio to the standard 4:3. I could also handle gif or png images, but no bmp's please, they are much too large!

Contributed by Bart

Contributed by Chris

Contributed by Chris

Contributed by Chris

Contributed by Michael

Contributed by Michael

Contributed by Tim

Special Bonus Image

This one is not my work. I wish I could claim it was, but I have to be honest. I really don't know who did it. But I like it so much, I wanted to share it. This is what I use as my Gnome wallpaper, so it comes up FIRST as I start X-windows (MUCH nicer than that 4-color widgie on clouds!!). Then Wallp kicks in and I get a different wallpaper for each session so I don't get bored.