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Links, Glorious Links

Wherein we get the pleasure of telling you where to go!

If You Would Like to Link to Us
I notice that a lot of people like to use a graphic for a link, rather than just text. So I created one - naturally, for that size I had to shorten the name a little, but what the heck!. Feel free to download it and use it to link to us.

A Bunch of Good Sites

FreeServers.com FREE Web Space for All! Hey, Gang, this is a good deal! What do you think you're looking at right now? A Freeservers site, that's what! And it works fine with Linux!

Jim's Fantastic Stories Masterpieces of Original Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror (Well, maybe you shouldn't take that "Masterpieces" too seriously, I wrote this stuff myself.

Jim's Wallpaper Archives An archive of older Wallpaper that has been removed from this site to make room for new material.

Microsoft Boycott Campaign A good cause! They have a nice e-mail newsletter, logos you can use to link to their site (or do your own, or use my trash can, larger version available here ), lots of other good stuff. Worth supporting.

Official Pick-Tures Website My favorite Windoze wallpaper changer - FREE - selects from lists or from directories

Home page for Wallp My favorite LINUX wallpaper changer

Irfanview A really nice, FREE (for personal use) Windoze graphics viewer and editor

This link is directly to the daily comic page, rather than the main page. This and my e-mail are the first things I check in the morning.

The MicroSoft Hate Page - The title says it all!! (Caution - site contains occasional language that some may find offensive)

Amigaphils logos, themes, etc. The startup screen has "Warning - Windows detected on this machine ..." - I love it!

Nathan's Toasty Technology Page This guy has more ways to say "I hate Internet Explorer" than Windoze 2000 has bugs (over 63,000)! I hate to admit it, but I used IE once. It was the only browser on the machine, so I used it to download a copy of Netscape ...

Visit The Top 50 You want wallpaper? This site has a million or so links to other wallpaper sites. And they rank them by how many people click links like this one ... so go ahead, click this link, you know you want to!

Free Desktop Themes Free themes, free screensavers, free wallpaper! Free everything for the desktop And, gee whiz, this one also ranks them by how many people click links like this one ... so go ahead, try it, you'll like it, just click already!

Some large linux-themed graphics and Large images of girls with penguins Found these following a Google Image search for penguins.

Some very nice penguins. The owner of this site sent me a very nice e-mail saying they liked MY site.

And one non-link: A friend of mine saw what I was doing and did some too. He offered them to me for this site, but unfortunately his choice of subject matter does not conform to the hosting service's rules. If anyone is interested, I will forward e-mail to him - click here