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Jim's Totally Bogus Vaporware Linux Games and Wallpaper Page

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome!
OK, I stole that line. They say true genius consists in knowing when an idea is worth stealing!

Once upon a time I wrote some DOS games, and now I am PLANNING (remember that vaporware thing?) to write some world-shattering Linux games. Just send money, I'll have them done in a couple of weeks, a month or two, well, pretty soon ...

But then I thought of some of the wallpaper I've been doing lately, and a few startup logos, and decided to put them here. Now they seem to be taking over!

The "Links" page also seems to be leaning toward wallpaper and graphics links - handy stuff like wallpaper changers and image viewers/editors.

But don't despair, I'll get around to those games REAL SOON NOW ...

Fantasy novel "Teen Angel" published August 2007
Yeah, I've been doing other stuff than wallpaper. Like, I wrote a fantasy novel called "Teen Angel", it's a ghost story. More details.

Wallpapers Updated April 2 (well, at least it's not April 1)
The new wallpapers are on page 25. Yes, one is a remake, and there's also a very minor fix on page 9. Two more weeks of Tax Season ... speaking of Tax Season, go take a look at Breaking and Entering.

Interesting New Wallpaper Link
Just got a new link to The Wallpaper Portal, "A Valuable Wallpaper Information Resource and Directory". Figured I'd put it here for a couple of weeks, then move it to the Links Page where it really belongs. Check it out.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans - ATTENTION
Jim's Fantastic Stories - two stories have been posted since the last time I updated the wallpaper ... Breaking and Entering and The Mail Must Go Through (I have some stories around, all ready to go, so of course it's a lot less work).

Archive Site
OK, I guess the Jim's Wallpaper Archives site is now officially open. It contains a lot of older material pulled from this site. Unless you've been with us from the very beginning, you might want to take a look and see if there's anything you like. I always tried to keep the best stuff here and remove items I felt less enthusiastic about, but your taste may differ from mine. Let me know if you run into any problems.

Currently working on another Adventure-type game called "Kidnapped". This one was originally published in some magazine (long since out of business) in BASIC. I redid it in Pascal, now I'm re-doing it again in C ... because that's what everybody knows and expects. This one has been delayed so long, because I just kept thinking how butt-ugly some of that ported code is. So I'm still tinkering, looking to get to some C code that doesn't still look like the original horrible M$-BASIC junk.

"JADV" is an Adventure Game (Interactive Fiction, if you prefer) Construction Set. This is open source, as usual, but one caveat - it is written in Pascal. Since the coding style would have been very difficult to port to C, and since there is a very nice Pascal (Free Pascal) for Linux, I decided to go ahead and release it as it is. (Besides ... don't tell anyone ... I like Pascal ... even better than C!)

There is also a Linux port of the Original Adventure game in clean structured C (no GOTOs), and a little program to process the text portion of HTML files.

Site Navigation
The template they provided said: "It might also be helpful to include some information in this space about the best way to navigate your site." Nope! Yer on yer own!

Click here to send an email to the WebMaestro
but please use a reasonable "Subject" line - I am running with Mozilla's "Junk" (Sp@m) filter on and only only do a very cursory look at things in the Junk folder - e-mail with a blank subject, or things like "Hi" or "Hello", will never get read!

Keyword Map
Got a note from Robert Walker who is doing a "Keyword Mapping" project, and he wants to include this site. Well, hey, I'm cool with this, it looks kinda interesting. Should be all set up by the time you read this, so take a look: KwMap.net - browse the Keyword Map of Jsoftco.8m.com, and you'll see how he has classified the site.

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