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This page contains software packages available for download. These packages are all Open Source licensed under the GPL, and contain full source code and instructions for building the program. This software is developed on, and intended for, Linux, but will probably also run on *BSD and other *ix systems (this will vary by package, of course)

JADV Adventure Construction Set

New software package this week (November 25). "JADV" is an Adventure Game (Interactive Fiction, if you prefer) Construction Set. This is open source, as usual, but one caveat - it is written in Pascal. Since the coding style would have been very difficult to port to C, and since there is a very nice Pascal (Free Pascal) for Linux, I decided to go ahead and release it as it is. (Besides ... don't tell anyone ... I like Pascal ... even better than C!)

I started this a number of years ago, when there were no programs like this which were both good and free. In fact, most such programs way back then were both expensive and awful. I know there are now some packages out there that are pretty good, and some may be open source by now, too. BUT ... here's the catch ... I also have a couple of games more than half written to this platform, and I would rather go ahead and finish both the JADV package and the games, than to start over for a new platform. Besides, I think this is a pretty good package, and I may continue to improve it.
Click here to download (68K)

Original Adventure

This is the Grandaddy of all computer games, the text adventure called variously "Adventure" or "Colossal Cave". It was originally done by Crowther and Woods in Fortran for a PDP machine, and this is pretty much their 350 point game. The original code was horrible spaghetti code with GOTO's all over the place (well, you couldn't do much else with those early Fortrans) and strange machine dependencies (five 7-bit ASCII characters packed in the left 35 bits of a 36-bit word, leading to all input truncating words to 5 characters).

I have ported (rewritten is probably closer to accurate) the program in reasonably clean (NO GOTO's!) C for Linux. Well, it will probably compile and work on anything with a good ANSI C compiler ... except Windows. The code is enchanted, and if compiled and run on Windows, it will curse your machine and give you endless Blue Screens of Death ... oh, wait, that happens anyway, forget it.

The code, the stuff I wrote, is being released under the GPL. By this time I don't think anyone knows what kind of license should apply to the game design, but most seem to treat it as a sort of defacto public domain. I think if we just pretend it's all GPL it should be OK.
Click here to download (122K)

HTML to Text

This program is intended for processing HTML files containing large portions of text data (like the stories on my Fantastic Stories site - DUH!). It can provide a more accurate word count, by ignoring the HTML tags (and selected blocks nested inside certain paired HTML tags). For simple pages such as the ones I use for stories, it will give quite accurate results. If the page has tons of garbage it will still pick up some of the garbage in the count, and you would have to edit out some of the garbage by hand.

Which brings us to the second thing the program will do. It will discard the tags and extract the text (with a little prettying up by shortening lines to some reasonable length and adding blank lines) to stdout. When saved as a file, this will be much easier to edit the garbage out of. And then you can use the program (or wc) to count the cleaned up text.

This program is not intended to replace "wc", rather it supplements it for a particular class of files.
Click here to download (12K)