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Advocacy n: the act or process of advocating
Advocate vt: to plead in favor of, support

And, following that train of thought, if you are pleading in favor of something, you are effectively pleading against something else, right?

I am sure no one will be surprised - at least if they have looked at some of the other pages - that I am in favor of Linux, and against Micro$oft. In fact, I was going to call this my "Bill-bashing" page, but "Advocacy Page" sounds so much higher class.

Actually, this page is a place to put pictures and STUFF that I found, and I like, but which don't fit in the category of Wallpaper. Think of it as my "Op-Ed"page. It will change on an irregular basis, whenever I feel like it.

A Contribution to the Public Welfare

The FBI has announced that they will provide an Offcial FBI Anti-Piracy Seal to the Software and Entertainment industries. Since this is obviously a GOOD THING, I have chosen to be a good citizen and contribute a suggestion for such a seal. FBI, you have my full permission to use this image.

Quote I Just Can't Resist Quoting
From Infoworld

"If Darl McBride was in charge, he'd probably make marriage unconstitutional too, since clearly it de-emphasizes the commercial nature of normal human interaction, and probably is a major impediment to the commercial growth of prostitution."
- Linus Torvalds

My Contribution to "Truth in Micro$oft Advertising"

Bill Gates Donates Windows Source Code to FSF
Dateline Tuesday, April 1, 2003. Bill Gates announced that he is donating the complete source code for Windows to the Free Software Foundation. Mr. Gates told reporters that he was tired of being viewed as Satan incarnate, and was going to cultivate a new image. "Besides," he said, "it was all Steve Ballmer's fault anyway!" Mr. Gates then cut the press interview short, saying he had to go adopt a penguin.

Some of the older wallpaper was done with a program that ran under Windoze, but it wasn't a Micro$quish program. All the NEW stuff is 100% Micro$quish free, the graphics is all being done with The Gimp. I haven't booted anything but Linux on this machine since last Spring - in fact, the drive with M$ crashed and I didn't notice it for weeks!